DA Breast Surgery

Natural shape, line, and feeling
Be confident!
  • Duration
    1hr 30min
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    1 day
  • Stitch removal
    Not required
  • Recovery
    2 to 3 days

※ May differ in inidividuals

DA’s thoughts on beautiful breasts

Beautiful breasts should be tight, firm and natural.

Beautiful breasts should fit individual’s body volume and have feminine lines.
Also the location of the implant insertion determines
the naturalness of the breasts, so based on the patient’s desire,
the surgeon should thoroughly analyze and create the ideal breasts.

Candidates for DA’s Breast Surgery

  • 01CASE Those with different
    sized breasts
  • 02CASE Breast deformation
    due to weight loss
    or giving birth
  • 03CASE Those who are
    worried about flat
    and small breasts
  • 04CASE Those who want
    bigger breasts

Ideal Proportion of Breasts

Ideal breasts are round with just enough volume that fits individual’s body shape.

  • 01 Natural Cleavage
  • 02 Volume in proportion with body shape
  • 03 Natural Breast Under Line

Implant Options

DA Plastic Surgery uses original implants that were approved by US FDA and Korea KFDA for safe surgery. We provide the implant warranty after surgery with its own serial number written on it to show full responsibility and guarantee that we use original implants.

  • 01
    Round and soft texture
    Natural feeling
    Capsular contraction may occur
  • 02
    Round and coarse texture
    Natural looking at any position
    Less chance of capsular contraction
  • 03
    Tear-drop shape and coarse texture
    Ergonomically designed, natural breast line
    Useful for breast correction
  • 04
    Nano texture combination of smooth and coarse texture
    Scientifically proven results of natural breast line
    Smoother texture due to small surface particles

Breast Surgery Incision Area

  • Incision under armpit using endoscope Make an incision about 2-3cm long along the wrinkles of the armpit and inserting the implants
    Preserve nipple sensation
    Short operation time and fast recovery
    * Uneasy to move the arm immediately after surgery
  • Incision on bottom line of breast Make an incision about 3~4cm long along the bottom line of the breasts and inserting the implants
    Correct insertion of implants with good visibility
    Short operation time with minimized pain and bleeding
    * Scar may be noticeable when lying down
  • Incision on areola Make an incision along the areola and inserting the implants
    Functional surgery with good outcomes
    Able to move your arms freely after surgery
    * Nipple sensation loss may occur

Implant input area

  • Dual Plane Inserting upper area of implant under breast muscle and lower area of implant under breast tissue
    No damage to areola so sensation is intact
    Short operation time and quick recovery
    * Uneasy to move arms immediately after surgery
  • Insert under muscle inserting implant behind breast muscle called pectoral muscle
    Correct implant insertion due to more visibility
    Simple surgery with short operation time
    * Possibility of visible scar when lying down
  • Insert under the breast tissue Done through nipple incision in cases of short breast under line or breast revision surgery
    Functional surgery with good outcomes
    Able to move your arms freely after surgery
    * Nipple sensation loss may occur