Motiva Breast Surgery

Finding the answer to the perfect breast surgery
  • Duration
    1hr 30min
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    1 day
  • Stitch removal
    Not required
  • Recovery
    2 to 3 days

※ May differ in inidividuals

What is DA Motiva Breast Surgery?

Motiva implants have only the positive aspects of the round and tear-shape implants and have been made with nano texture rather than smooth or coarse texture that is used for other breast implants

Implant shape transforms while lying down or standing up and it’s a new type of implant that expresses natural looking shape in any position or angle.

What makes DA Motiva Breast Surgery Special?

  • 01SPECIAL Scientifically analyze
    individual’s body shape
  • 02SPECIAL Breast Mentoring Service
  • 03SPECIAL Own high-tech equipment
  • 04SPECIAL 2 Breast Surgery Specialists
  • 05SPECIAL Virtual Plastic Surgery
    using 3D Scanner
  • 06SPECIAL Guaranteed 1 year premium
    after-care service

Characteristics of Motiva Breast Surgery

  • UDI Motiva implant has UDI system so we can locate the implant and get information through this device so we can guarantee patients’ safety.
  • Safe Implants When you check the outer surface of Motiva implants, you can check the safety of this implant through the blue seal. It prevents the chance of the gel expanding to other areas and lowers the chance of capsular contraction.
  • Natural Shape Motiva implants change shape due to gravity. It changes into a round shape when lying down and transform into tear-drop shape when standing up.

Motiva Breast Surgery DA is different

  • POINT 01 Divina 3D Scanner Able to predict the surgery results using 3D scanner
  • POINT 02 Pre-op examination Selecting the suitable implants by analyzing the patient’s breast condition through breast ultrasound
  • POINT 03 New HD endoscope surgery Accurate placement of implants can be done by using new HD endoscope as it gives enough visibility
  • POINT 04 Systematic and professional after-care DA provides systematic after care for fast recovery and higher satisfaction for our patients

DA Motiva Breast Surgery Premium After-Care

At DA Plastic Surgery, we provide premium after-care program for Motiva breast surgery patients for more satisfactory results.

  • 1 year guarantee for premium after-care
  • LCL Treatment for swelling care
  • Breast RF High Frequency Care
  • Scar care for coarse scars
  • Scar care for colored scars
  • Breast implant check up system using breast ultrasound