Breast Surgery After Pregnancy

Transforming sagging breasts after giving birth to the way it was before
  • Duration
    50min ~ 1hr 30min
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    1 day
  • Stitch removal
    Not required
  • Recovery
    2 to 3 days

※ May differ in inidividuals

What is Breast Surgery after pregnancy?

Sagging breasts are caused by menopause or after pregnancy/giving birth, and its due to weak breast tissue and hormonal effects which causes the breast to sag.

Correction needs to be done as the skin begins to sag and cause discomfort in daily life. DA Breast Surgery after pregnancy performs personalized surgery, analyzing each individual’s body and breast condition.

Candidates for DA’s Breast Surgery after pregnancy

  • 01CASE Those who have sagging
    breasts after pregnancy
  • 02CASE Flat or shrunken breasts
    due to breast feeding
  • 03CASE Nipples are sagging below
  • 04CASE Skin problems due to sagging breasts
  • 05CASE Want tight and voluminous breasts
  • 06CASE Worried about flat and small breasts

Breast Sagging Self-Diagnosis

Self Diagnosis by line below the breasts and the location of the nipple

  • Normal Nipple is 4 to 5cm above the bottom line of the breasts
  • Level A Nipple is 1cm or less below the bottom line of the breasts
  • Level B Nipple is 1cm to 3cm below the bottom line of the breasts
  • Level C Nipple is 3cm or more below the bottom line of the breasts

Surgical method for DA’s Breast Surgery after Pregnancy

  • SOLUTION 01 Small and loose breasts>Augmentation using implants Enlarge the size by inserting implants and creating beautiful breast line in proportion with the shape and size
    Completion of voluminous breasts
    Correcting asymmetry
    Recovering elasticity
    Correcting sagging breasts
  • SOLUTION 02 Flat and Sagging Breasts>Augmentation using implants + lower breast correction Removing the sagging breast tissue to correct it and inserting implants to create tight, voluminous breasts.
    Correcting extreme sagging breasts
    Recovering volume
    Recovering elasticity
    Completion of voluminous breasts