Fat Grafting Breast Surgery

Natural shape, line, and feeling
Be confident!
  • Duration
    Approx. 2 hours
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not required
  • Stitch removal
    Not required
  • Recovery
    3 to 4 days

※ May differ in inidividuals

What is Fat Grafting Breast Surgery?

Collecting pure fat from abdominal, thighs and/or buttocks and grafting them to the breast to create natural and voluminous breasts.

It grafts autologous fat so shape, texture is very natural like it was your own.

Candidates for Fat Grafting Breast Surgery

  • 01CASE Worried about
    implant insertions
  • 02CASE Want both body contouring and
    breast augmentation effect
  • 03CASE Want to correct flat
    breasts after breast feeding
  • 04CASE Want both implant
    insertion and fat
  • 05CASE Want tight and
    voluminous breasts

Surgical Areas for Fat Grafting Breast Surgery

Creating beautifully shaped breast by focusing on grafting more fat to areas that lack more volume.

  • 01 Enlarging the upper breast
  • 02 Correcting asymmetry
  • 03 Augmenting the whole breasts
  • 04 Correct funnel breast
  • 05 Filling volume on the outer side
  • 06 Filling volume on the inner side
  • 07 Filling volume on smaller areas
  • 08 Correcting volume after implant revision surgery/breast correction surgery

Breast Transformation after fat grafting

Higher volume and fat engraftment rate by grafting fat under the skin + muscle + under the muscle.