Ptosis Correction

For clear and bright eyes
  • Duration
    30 mins
    Incision. 1 Hour
  • Anesthesia
  • Post-operative visit
    2 times
  • Stitch removal
    Non-Incision: After 3 days
    Incision: 7 Days
  • Recovery
    1~2 weeks

※ May differ in inidividuals

Candidates for DA’s Ptosis Correction

  • 01CASE Those with blepharoptosis
  • 02CASE Those with seemingly sleepy
    and tired eyes due
    to eyelids covering
    excessive area of the eyes
  • 03CASE Those with wrinkles on
    the forehead due to usage of
    forehead muscles when lifting eyelid,
    or those with tired eyes
    and experiencing headache.
  • 04CASE Those who desire clear
    and bright eyes by extending
    the length of eyes

What is DA’s Ptosis Correction?

Ptosis correction is a surgery that creates large and clear eyes by correcting blepharoptosis, which is when eyelids cover too much of the eyes, causing seemingly tired and sleepy eyes.
Ptosis correction is effective in blepharoptosis that causes eyelids to interrupt the eyes due to low capability of lifting eyelids, by exposing more pupil.

What is a blepharoptosis?

The upper eyelids are connected with muscles that lift the eyelids up and down. In case of blepharoptosis, these muscles are not strong enough to lift the eyelids, so they droop and the space between the eyelids get smaller creating small eyes.

Incisional Ptosis Correction VS Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction

  • Incisional Ptosis Correction
    Suitable for all cases
    Able to remove fat from the eyelids
    Severe correction is possible
    Chance of swelling
    Minimal scarring
  • Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction
    Those with fairly thin eyelids
    Impossible to remove fat from the eyelid
    Severe correction is impossible
    Unnoticeable scarring

Surgical Method for DA’s Ptosis Correction

Non-Incisional Method

  • STEP 01 Before Surgery
  • STEP 02 Following the design, make tiny holes along the outline
  • STEP 03 Connect the muscles used for lifting the eyelid to the skin to complete the creation double eyelid line.
  • STEP 04 After surgery (8 months)

Incisional Method

  • STEP 01 Before Surgery
  • STEP 02 Design an outline to match the desired image and remove unnecessary muscle or fat.
  • STEP 03 Bind the muscle or stitch up along the incision line
  • STEP 04 After surgery (3 months)

Benefits of DA’s Ptosis Correction

  • BENEFIT 01 Correction of sleepy eyes The whole facial image is determined by the eyes. At DA we find the most suitable eye shape for you.
  • BENEFIT 02 Correction of function and image Analyzing the ideal proportion of eye, face and nose to create a beautiful eye line that is suitable for each individual
  • BENEFIT 03 Clear and sharp eye image Combination of different type of eye surgery to create the eye that is most suitable for each individual.