Under Eye Bag Removal

Create younger-looking eyes by brightening up the lower eyelid
  • Duration
    30 min
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not required
  • Stitch removal
    Not required
  • Recovery
    2~3 days

※ May differ in inidividuals

Candidates for DA Under eye fat removal

  • 01CASE Those who look aged
    due to bulging
    under eye bags
  • 02CASE Those who look gloomy
    due to under eye bags
  • 03CASE Those who have severe
    dark circles
  • 04CASE Those who want cute
    and lovely image
  • 05CASE Those who wish to
    change their image
    from a simple surgery

What is DA’s Under eye bag removal?

Under eye bag removal can be done on those who look tired and older due to excessive development of fat under the eyes.It occurs as the membrane surrounding the fat under the eyes weaken and lose elasticity.
Under eye bags tend to cause seemingly tired or gloomy impression, and in these cases, under eye bags removal surgery can clear out the under eye for a younger and brighter look.

Surgical Method for DA Under eye fat removal

  • STEP 01 Before operation
  • STEP 02 Make an incision along the lower lash line and remove sagging fat
  • STEP 03 Reposition the remaining fat in sunken area
  • STEP 04 Preventing re-occurrence of under eye fat
  • STEP 05 After surgery

Benefits of DA Under Eye Bag Removal

  • BENEFIT 01 Improving Dark Circles By correcting the under eye bag which is a cause for dark circles can improve dark circles.
  • BENEFIT 02 Brighter image Improving dark circles can change the whole image to a more brighter look
  • BENEFIT 03 Younger looking face Removing unnecessary fat and filling the hollow area makes a younger looking image