Eye Revision

We aim for the perfect revision, with detailed analysis and diagnosis, so it can be your last eye surgery

※ May differ in inidividuals

Causes of Eye Revision

  • CASE 01 Loose double eyelid line
  • CASE 02 Thick double eyelid line
  • CASE 03 Asymmetrical or mismatched eyes
  • CASE 04 Too high or low double eyelids
  • CASE 05 Not satisfied with the eye shapes

When should I receive eye revision surgery?

Revision can be done after at least 6 months on the incision area If the incision area remains swollen,
revision should be done after at least 3 months when the tissues have been stabilized.
It is preferable to have a revision within 2 weeks before the incision wound solidifies
if the result of the first operation is not satisfying during the first 2 weeks after operation.

Eye Revision Key Point

The key point is to accurately figure out the present condition of the eyes and the cause of previous operation’s failure. And it is important that the surgeon in charge has years of experience with revision surgery.

Benefits of DA Eye Revision

  • BENEFIT 01 Young and Fresh looking eyes
  • BENEFIT 02 Maintain original eye-line
  • BENEFIT 03 Improve droopy eyes without change in image
  • BENEFIT 04 Unnoticeable scar