4060 Double Lifting

Perfect solution for age-appropriate lifting

※ May differ in inidividuals

Candidates for 4060 Double Lifting

  • CASE 01
    Sagging face due to aging
  • CASE 02
    Want V-Line without surgery
  • CASE 03
    Losing skin elasticity
  • CASE 04
    Worried about wrinkles
  • CASE 05
    Want fast recovery with fast lifting effect

What is DA 4060 Double Lifting?

DA’s double lifting for 4060 age is a time-rewinding anti-aging lifting facial
contouring that demonstrates both intensive lifting and skin tightening at the same time.

  • SOLUTION 01 Pulling, removing and filling to erase age!
  • Vertical Lifting
    Solves drooping skin and muscle
    Vertical lifting suitable for Easterners
    Diagonal lifting that solves side effect of vertical lifting which is unclear jaw line or widening of face
  • Fat decomposing
    Decompose fat from cheeks, jaw line, and neck through laser treatment
    Create V-line by removing only unnecessary fat
  • Dimensional Volume
    Highlight the highest points of face(such as forehead, cheeks, highest point of under-eye) by adding volume to create younger-looking face.
  • SOLUTION 02 Powerful non-surgical anti-aging lifting that solves wrinkles and tightness all at once without surgery
  • Ulthera
    Effective face lifting with non-surgical intensive ultrasound wave lifting
    Powerful lifting of double chin, droopy fat and unclear jaw line
    Jaw line care after facial contouring or double jaw surgery
    Complete creation of V-line by lifting from the inside
  • Thermage CPT
    Excellent tightening and regenerating effect from high-frequency tightening
    Tightens skin and improves pores, fine lines, and skin texture
    Improve age lines around eyes and lips
    Younger-looking skin by tightening from the outside

Benefits of DA 4060 Double Lifting

Scientific Lifting Solution based on Age
  • V-Line Lifting Effect
  • Removing fat around sagging chin and laugh lines
  • Creating natural volume
  • Skin regeneration effect
  • Fresh looking face