DA Thread Lifting

DA’s Total Anti-Aging Solution Lifting program that lifts the skin to show maximum tightening effect.

※ May differ in inidividuals

Candidates for Thread Lifting

  • CASE 01
    Those who want lifting effect through simple procedure
  • CASE 02
    Those who want full lifting results on the whole face and skin layer.
  • CASE 03
    Those who want more powerful lifting effect than classic thread lifting
  • CASE 04
    Those who want fast recovery and return to daily life

What is DA Thread Lifting?

DA’s Thread Lifting uses 2 types of threads to improve sagging and wrinkles on overall face,
Ulthera and Lifting injection penetrates inside the outer and inner layer of skin to give the skin tightening effect
and regenerate collagen to revive younger looking skin and anti-aging effects.

  • Skin Botox Injection
    (Tightening the outer layer of skin)
    Injecting it into various skin layers to
    improve wrinkles and tighten the skin
    Improve skin elasticity
    Improve skin tone
    Minimize skin pores
  • Double Action Thread Lifting
    (Tightening inner layer of skin)
    2 types of threads are used
    to double the lifting effect
    Firm Fixation
    Collagen regeneration
    Skin tightening effect
  • Ulthera Laser Lifting
    (Tightening the SMAS layer of skin)
    V-Line lifting effect by shooting laser
    into the deep layer (SMAS layer) of skin
    Laser penetrating SMAS layer of skin to improve wrinkles and elasticity
    Effective for lifting double chin, sagging skin/chin
    V-line lifting effect

DA Thread Lifting Benefits

Scientific Lifting Solution based on Age
  • Improve skin tone and minimize skin pores by injection treatment
  • Perfect V-line with effective lifting results with collagen regeneration
  • Powerful Lifting Effect of the whole face with the entire skin layer lifted
  • Improvement on wrinkles and sagging skin with one treatment
  • Use safety certified products and equipment