DA Male Hair Loss Treatment

Personalized treatment plan by finding out the cause of individual’s hair loss
  • Duration
    3 Hrs
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    1 Day
  • Stitch removal
    After 2 Weeks
  • Recovery
    3~4 days

Causes and Types of Male Hair Loss

The cause of hair loss is due to genetics/stress/hormone/life habits

  • M type
    Hair loss starts gradually from the side corners of the forehead in “M” shape
  • U type
    Hair loss starts from the center of forehead in round shape
  • O type
    Hair loss starts from the crown of the head
  • Mixed type
    Combination of O type and M type

DA Male Hair Loss Treatment Effects

  • First
    Distributes blood to follicles
  • Second
    Thicken the hair
  • Third
    Expedite growth of hair

DA’s Male Hair Loss Treatment Solution

DA’s male hair loss treatment finds the exact cause of hair loss and plan and perform personalized treatment.

  • SOLUTION 01 Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment
  • Medication Treatment
    Intake of hair growth medication or apply cream that helps hair growth
    Medications are all approved by FDA, EMA, and KFDA
  • Autologous Blood PRP
    Treatment that directly injects the medicine into hair follicles around the hair loss spot at 2~4cm deep
    Proper medications are injected on small areas, depending on hair loss condition
  • Smartlux
    Treatment method that uses smart phototherapy machine called Smartlux
    Expedite growth of hair by providing nutrients to roots of the hair by selecting the suitable wavelength depending on the type of hair loss
  • SOLUTION 02 Surgical Method for Hair Loss Treatment
  • Incisional Hair Transplant
    Transplanting hair by making an incision on the back of the head and transplanting hair that was dissected into follicles
    Most favored methods among hair loss treatment
    Large amount of hair can be transplanted at once.
  • Non-Incisional Hair Transplant
    Method that transplants hair collected from the back of the head to the front without making an incision
    Technique of collecting the hair from the back is the most important factor

Surgical Process for DA’s Male Hair Loss Treatment

  • 01. 1:1 Accurate analysis
    and customized plan according to each individual’s needs
    Qualified plastic surgeons set up personalized surgical plan considering the patient’s needs,
    bone structure and proportion to create the best results.
  • 02. Precise and safe operationOur surgical team consists of specialists from each medical field.
    safe and accurate surgeries are performed based on various surgical experiences and skillful know-how
  • 03. DA’s continuous after-care systemDA’s special after-care system for continuous post-operative care by specialists.